Timberwolves vs Lakers

Timberwolves vs Lakers: When the Minnesota Timberwolves took place at Staples Center on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Lakers will have another chance to measure their progress.

On Oct. 29, the Lakers (4-6) lost in Minnesota Timberwolves 124-120, after Jimmy Butler hit five points at three points in the fourth quarter and scored 32 points.

The Lakers are hoping not only to make progress in this area, but they also hope to be 41-10 behind in the Toronto Raptors game Sunday and then lose 121-107.

The 42-17 error at the end of the first quarter was the first time Los Angeles was behind more than 24 points at the end of a quarter of the shooting era.

The Los Angeles Lakers eventually created some momentum in the San Antonio Spurs game on Saturday. They won two consecutive games in a reorganized formation after the suspension of Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram. They entered the match against the Spurs, preparing to extend their winning streak to 3 and back to .500.

That’s not what happened The Lakers scored a double-digit lead in the first half and ended the match. The Lakers fell from the field. Rondo killed the last possession. The Lakers are now 2-4.

They are now sharing this recording with the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are experiencing more and more malfunctions with each passing. Jimmy Butler wants to be traded and the Timberwolves have not agreed. It seems that no one on the team was happy with this arrangement, which resulted in a slow start for the team that participated in the playoffs last season.

When they reentered Rondo and Brandon Ingram, the Lakers may have tried to organize rotations, but at least they are not wolves.

The match between the Lakers and the Timberwolves will begin at 8 pm Eastern Time at 5 pm Pacific Time and will be broadcast on the NBA as the only national television show of the evening.

Since it will be broadcast on national television, it will not be broadcast on the NBA Alliance Pass, but streaming services such as Fubo TV with NBA will own the game. Local radio stations will broadcast 710 ESPNLA calls with John Ireland and Mychal Thompson, where they will find a list of other radio affiliates in the area.

The Lakers and Timberwolves are close to panic mode. It’s not too dangerous to play in the playoffs in October, but there may be more than a dozen Western Conference teams in the playoffs. Last season, the Denver Nuggets won 46 games but still missed the game. Starting at 2-5 in this meeting is not a fatal blow, but whichever team has achieved such a record, it will make life more difficult.

For the Lakers, this will only attract more unnecessary attention because they not only adapt to LeBron James, but also a series of veterans in the formation that already has several young players important.

For the wolves, this will only increase their pressure to move forward at Butler and give a new direction to their team. One aspect of this question will pose some questions to the media about the start of the season. The other will return in series at least on the right track.

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